Hum by Verizon

hum by Verizon lets you add new car technology to almost any car. It helps you prevent breakdowns, save money and get faster roadside and emergency assistance. Plus, the hum app puts all this in the palm of your hand.

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hum is a car expert so you don't have to be.

vehicle diagnostics

Your engine light is on. Now what? Just open your hum app and we’ll tell you what it means—in plain English.

mechanics hotline

What’s that clunking sound? Ask a human, not the Internet. Call our mechanics hotline to get help from a certified, independent mechanic.

maintenance reminders

Who can keep track of 3,000 miles? hum can. And you can be reminded whenever you’re due for something like an oil change or tire rotation.

hum will help keep you safe.

pinpoint roadside assistance

Flat tire? Just push a button. hum pinpoints your location so you get help fast—handy if you have no clue where you are.

emergency assistance

Connects you to a trained, live agent at the push of a button if you have an emergency on the road. And if we detect a collision, hum can automatically send help.

stolen vehicle assistance

What carjackers didn’t count on is hum tracking your car’s exact location. And sending that location straight to the police.

hum keeps an eye on your car when you can't.

speed alerts

Outsmart any lead foot. hum lets you set speed alerts, and if it exceeds the max speed you set, you can get a text or email.

boundary alerts

Want to know if your teens are going where you think they’re going? Your car now has a chaperone. If your car enters or exits a boundary you set, we’ll let you know. You can even set specific days and times for each alert.

vehicle location

hum knows where you parked in case you forget (again). Plus, it can pinpoint your car’s location at any time and even send you updates as it moves.

and that's not all that hum can do.

driving history

hum details your car's driving stats with reports on gas usage, speeds traveled, distances covered, and more.

service & travel discounts

Rack up the savings at service centers, hotels, car rental locations, and more.

auto health report

Time for a tune-up? hum can email you a monthly health report on your car to let you know.

what is included?

The hum system is simple — just plug it in to add a smart upgrade to almost any car. Even better, you can easily access hum features on the go using the hum app.

obd reader

Just plug this small device into your car’s OBD-II (On-board Diagnostic) port. It’s the port that mechanics use to diagnose your car, and it’s usually found below the dash to the left of the steering wheel.


The speaker clips to your visor and gives you one-button access to roadside assistance and emergency help.

the hum app

Access hum features right on your smartphone using the hum app — it’s available for both Android and iOS.


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