Tips and tricks

3D Touch

3D Touch responds to how deeply you press the display, allowing you initiate a variety of actions with just one touch. These actions work from the home screen, allowing you to snap a selfie, get directions and more based on the app. They also work within certain apps, giving you a dynamic range of options.

To test 3D Touch simply press firmly and hold an app icon. A menu will pop up with options, or you'll feel a brief buzz that lets you know the app does not have 3D functions. When you launch certain apps, you can press certain places within the app for a dynamic list of actions.

Here are some of the highlights:

Peak and Pop - Preview and act on all kinds of content it — without having to actually open it. From inside your email, you can lightly press an email to Peek at contents. Lift your finger and your back to inbox or press more deeply to open a specific email. You can also use this function to peek at website links from emails or texts, peek at photos, peek at directions, and more.

Quick Actions - Press, hold and choose from a series of dynamic actions from home screen or within apps. For instance, call or text a contact from the home screen. Shoot selfies or videos from home screen, or even get directions with a simple press. When you Peek at certain types of content, you'll see a menu for a series of actions. For instance, Peek at email and then delete or save as unread. 

3D Touch will also activate Live Photos and Dynamic Wallpapers, multitasking, pressure sensitive drawings, and trackpad precision.

Air Browse

With Air Browse, you can scan through your emails, look at pictures or even change music tracks by simply moving your hand across the phone. Turn on Air Browse by tapping Settings and then Motions and Gestures. You'll see an option to turn Air browse on or off.

Air View

With Air View, you can easily preview images, calendar, video or contact information by holding your finder over a specific item. Turn on Air View in Settings.

Always On Display

You have the option to enable a part of your screen that is always on even when you turn off the screen. The little area will display time, date and optional messages. To activate, go to Settings and choose Display. Enable Always On Display and set what to display.

Announce Caller

When people call or text, your phone will announce their names by using the name you have entered in the contacts. Turn on this features under Settings and then Sound. Turn on message/call voice notification, and then you have the option to choose what is read out. You can even set the read out language.


ATIV Beam makes it easy to share files, photos, music, videos and more with another NFC-capable device. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth in System Settings. Then simply launch ATIV from the Applications menu. Once ATIV Beam is launched, choose the file you want to send and tap phone on compatible NFC device to share file.

Auto Selfie

Take a selfie by simply holding up the phone and holding it still. To use this feature go to the Viewfinder screen and select Camera Options and the Auto Selfie mode.

Black and White Display

Turn off your color display and view your iPhone or iPad in black and white. Adjust the display by turning on Grayscale under that Accessibility settings that can be found by going to Setting and then selecting General.

Changing Screen Grid Adjusts Number of Widgets

Change the number of icons that can fit on the screen by changing the screen grid. From the home screen, Pinch the screen. Tap dimension option and choose 4x4, 4x5, or 5x5. 5x5 can fit the most icons by reducing the size of each icon.

Create a Snap Mode Video

Make a snap mode video that incorporates video and images from all three camera (rear camera and two front-facing cameras). You can even incorporate music into your video. Tap the Home button, the Camera and then Snap Mode . You can change the multi-view mode by tapping . As you take photos and videos, you place them on timeline and then hit save.