Tips and tricks

Customize Notes with Image, Drawing, Checklist, and Formatting

When you create a Note, you can easily insert pictures, draw a quick sketch, create a checklist, or format text. Open the Notes app and tap the new note icon in the bottom right corner. The top part of screen will display a blank note and the bottom part of screen will display the keyboard. Just above the right side of the keyboard, you'll see a plus sign. Tap the plus sign and an icon menu appears. From left to right icons indicate checklist, formatting, insert photo, and use sketch tools. Tap the X to close the menu and return to normal keyboard. 

Notes only sync with devices running iOS9 or OSX EL Capitan for Mac. 

Direct Call

With Direct Call, your phone recognizes when you want to talk on the phone. You may be sending a message to a friend or looking at a contact's information, but when you lift the phone to your ear, it will automatically call that person.

Direct call can be turned on by going to Settings and then selecting Motions and Gestures.

Display Screen on HDTV

It's easy to play your phone's display on your HDTV (TV must be Miracast™-enabled HDTV or a Wireless Display adapter.

Select Display under Settings to turn on Wireless Display.

Easy Text Photos

When texting a photo, click camera at left of iMessage box. Select an image from Photo Library or Take a Photo or Video.

Edit Photo

Edit photo by tapping Photos and selecting photo. Tap edit in upper right to access editing presets.

Enable Smart Bulletin

Smart Bulletin comes disabled on LG G5. If you want to activate Smart Bulletin, long press a blank section of the home screen. When the helicopter view appears, tap Home Screen Settings. Scroll down and flip the Smart Bulletin option to "on." Now you can easily swipe right for fast access to LG Health data, a music player shortcut, your daily schedule, and more.

Facial Screen Lock

Using some form of a screen lock on your phone is a vital step in keeping your information secure. Facial screen lock allows your face to serve as the unlocking code. Of course you can also use a pattern, PIN, an NFC device, or other options. Set up your Screen Lock option by tapping on Security in Settings.

Fingerprint and security

Use your fingerprint to lock and unlock your phone, protect content, lock the SIM card, control content access, and other settings. To set up your fingerprint, go to Settings under Apps and select Fingerprints & security. Choose Fingerprints then enter your unlock sequence. Place your finger over the Power/Lock button and follow the screen directions until the fingerprint is registered. Tip - Avoid using wet, greasy, or dirty fingers to register or unlock phone.  

Fitness Tracking

Track your fitness activities using the LG Health app. From the moment you turn it on, it tracks all your activities like walking, cycling, running and even inline skating. This app also tags your elapsed time, calories burned, distance covered and average pace. Plus, you even have the option of sharing and even competing with other LG users.

You can launch the LG Health app from the top half of the Smart Bulletin page. (If you disabled Smart Bulletin, be sure to turn it back on.) Once you launch LG Health, set up a profile, and then it will begin tracking your activities.

Forward a text

To forward a text, hold finger on message, select more, click arrow in bottom right corner, select your recipient