Tips and tricks

Guided Access for Specific App

When you hand your phone to a friend, a co-worker or even your child, you can limit access to all the apps. In fact, you can actually limit device to a specific app or even a specific function with that app.

Turn on this option by selecting General under Settings and then choosing Accessibility and Guided Access.

Identify a Song

Ask Siri "What song is playing?" Utilizing Shazam to identify music, Siri will answer with song title.

Instant Email Response

Instantly respond to email from Inbox view by swiping left to right to mark as read/unread. Swipe right to left to trash, flag, or choose "more" options.

Kid's Corner

Make your phone kid friendly by limit access to child-specific apps, videos, games and music. To set up this Kid's Corner, go look for Kid's Corner under System in Settings. From there you have the option of adding specific games, music, videos and apps. You can also create a Password to turn the Kid's Corner on and off.

Location-Based Notifications

It can be helpful and convenient to create a location-based alert through some of the apps on your phone. You can determine Location Service permissions by going to Settings and then selecting Privacy.

Lock a Specific Note

You can easily create private Notes that can only be read with your password. After creating the Note, tap the share icon at the upper right-hand corner of Note. You'll see an icon of a lock with the words, "Lock Note." Tap icon. You'll be asked to enter your password or fingerprint password. Now a lock icon will appear at top of Note beside the share icon. An open lock indicates the Note is open and a closed icon indicates the Note is locked and cannot be seen without tapping lock and entering password.

Lock Out Specific Content

You can password protect images and notepad memos. To set up, go to "Security Settings," select "Content Lock" and set up a password or pattern. Now you can long-press specific images, a group of photos or notepad memos to add a lock that requires a password or pattern.

Lost Phone Location

You can set your iPhone to send its last location to Apple before battery dies. Then if you lose your phone, Apple can help you track it.

To turn on "Find My iPhone," go to Settings and select Privacy. Under Privacy, choose Location Services and then System Services. Here you'll see a variety of options like Share My Location and Find My iPhone.

MIrror Image Selfie

Have you ever noticed how the angle of the picture flips when you take a selfie? With the mirror image option you can take pictures exactly how you see them on the viewfinder. Just turn on mirror image under camera options.

Multi Window

Samsung makes it easy to use two apps on the screen at the same time, using a multi-window view. Turn on Multi Window under Settings. Tap Multi window and then tap the icon at mid screen to open app tray. Long press and drag apps to screen top and bottom.