Tips and tricks

Multi-View Camera Mode

When you take a picture, you literally have three cameras to choose from: a rear camera and two front facing cameras (on at 80 degrees from close up selfies and 120 degrees for wide angle group selfies). You can view all three cameras at the same time and take pictures from each view. To see all three camera displays at the same time, tap Camera , Auto, Mode , and Multi-view. Tap the Camera or Video to record from each of the views. Then you can decide whether to share, save, or delete.

Mute Messages from Specific Contact

Mute SMS messages from a specific contact by tapping conversation in Messages. Tap details at upper right and select "Do Not Disturb."

New Multi WIndow Mode

The new multi window feature does not have to be launched in settings, but it already works with your app switcher. To use two windows at once simply tap on your multitasking button at the bottom left. The apps that display a small rectangular icon (one window above another window) are compatible. Tap icon and the selected app launches at top. Then choose an app from the lower screen to launch an app at bottom of screen. You'll see a small round button in center of screen. Tap and drag button to change sizes of windows or to change one window to a pop-up.

One-Handed Control

It is easy to use this smartphone with only one hand: either the left or the right hand. Simply go to settings, one-handed operation; now select the one-hand mode you want to use. 

Palm Mute/Pause

Mute incoming calls, alerts or pause media by covering with palm, turning over, looking away. To set up, tap Settings > Motions and gestures > Mute/Pause.

Palm Screen Capture

Capture screenshot by swiping your palm on screen (left to right or right to left). Image will be saved in Gallery, Screenshots album. Tap Settings > Motions and gestures > Capture screen.

People Hub

People Hub makes it east to stay in touch through group texts, calendar tracking, photo-sharing, and more. Easily add contacts to groups by touching People, then + Group. Enter the Group name and then add group members from your contacts.

Quick Access Contacts

Instantly access recent contacts by doubling clicking home button. Tap contact icon for option to call, message or Facetime.

Quick Remote Control

The QuickRemote app gives you the ability to control devices that use an infrared remote. The built-in IR emiiter operates compatible TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, audio systems and even IR remote-controlled air conditioners. To set up: Go to Apps, Quick Remote, Pick a Room, Tap + and Add a remote control. Add as many remote controls as you like.

Quick Response Email Phrases

It’s easy to create and insert “Quick Response” email text phrases that you can use anytime to insert phrases into email messages. Simply tap Apps and then Email. From Menu, choose Settings, your Email account name. Now choose Quick Responses and Create New. Type in your text phrase and save.

The next time you are typing an email, you can tap Menu and Insert quick response to paste in a text phrase of your choice.