Tips and tricks

Skin Touchup for Selfie

Look your best when you take a selfie. The Skin Touchup feature allows you to smooth skin, remove red eye and make other adjustments to help you look marvelous!

You'll see a slider bar at the top or side of screen. Simply drag the slider bar over to get the look you desire. The Skin Touchup bar automatically appears in the Selfie and Photo Booth camera mode.

Smart Alert

Pick up phone and it vibrates if you have messages or missed calls. To set up, tap Settings > Motions and gestures > Smart alert.

Take a screenshot

To take a screenshot hold down POWER and START buttons until screen flashes. Image is in PHOTOS

Transfer Content via NFC and Android Beam

Transfer contacts, messages, photos, music, calendars and files easily using the NFC field. Enable by turning on the NFC under Settings. Then choose Android Beam and turn it on. Now tap the back of your phone to another Android phone with NFC and Android beam enabled. Content will then be shared.

Here's the type of content you can share:

  • Contact card.
  • Web page opened in Chrome.
  • YouTube video.
  • Google Map locations.
  • An App on its Google Play page.
  • Single or multiple photos chosen by long-pressing.


Transfer Content via Smart Switch

Transfer content to your new Android from an old smartphone. First, install Smart Switch on both phones from the Samsung site. Make sure both phones are within 4 inches of each other.

Choose content on old device (contact, calendar, pictures, music, videos, apps and more) and tap "Transfer." Select "OK" on your new device to receive content. 

Unlock with Knock Code

Here’s a super cool way to unlock your phone by simply tapping or knocking on the screen in a specific pattern whether the screen is on or off. You can set up a custom knock code under settings. Select lock screen and create your custom knock code.

Use Media on Nearby Devices

You can view pictures, play music, games and other functions with nearby devices that support DLNA. Set up your phone first by going to Settings, Share & Connect, Media server. You can choose Always Allow or Always Ask. Settings will show a list of devices that are allowed and not allowed. Now you can share or use music, pictures, video and/or other media with selected devices.

View and Use Two Apps at Once

Launch and use two apps at once.  To activate the dual window mode simply press and hold the back button. A window pops up in center screen that lists available apps for dual window usage. Choose the app you want to use and drag up to top window, and drag another app to bottom window.You can change the size of windows by dragging the middle bar up or down to adjust top and bottom windows. Now you can see and use both apps at the same time.

Voice Caller ID

You can set up the phone to announce incoming Caller ID. Simple go to Apps. Choose Accessibility then Talkback and Settings. Turn on Speak Caller ID.

Voice Control

Use your voice to control the phone. From the home screen, go to Apps, then Settings. Slide Voice Control to ON. Use Voice Control to answer or reject incoming calls; to stop or snooze an alarm; total a picture; to change music settings (volume, play, pause, next, previous).